About Us

Amsaal is a biopharmaceutical company located in the United Arab Emirates and is highly specialized in the production and distribution of whole venoms from snakes and scorpions of various origins.

At Amsaal, we keep venomous snakes and scorpions in our customized animal facilities and then extract their venoms. We apply safe and efficient extraction procedures and laboratory capabilities to ensure pure and quality venom. Our well-equipped scientific laboratories process the extracted venoms and performs quality control to ensure that accepted protocols are followed, and standards are met. At Amsaal, all animal use and welfare adheres to UAE government authority regulations of animal welfare (EAD and MOCCAE).

Our Facilities

Snake Facility

Snake Facility

All the snakes of various species are kept in the snake facility and venoms are extracted also in the snake facility. The office of the snake facility supervisor is located here also.

Scorpion Facility

Scorpion Facility

All the scorpions of various species are kept in the scorpion facility and venoms are extracted also in the scorpion facility. The office of the scorpion facility supervisor is located here also.

Production Laboratory

Production Laboratory

Wet venoms extracted from the animal facilities are prepared and sorted out in the production lab, and the lyophilized.

Quality Control Laboratory

Quality Control Laboratory

Lyophilized venom sample of each species batch are sent over to the quality control lab where quality tests are carried out to ensure that the venoms are of quality standard.

Main Office

Amsaal’s cutting-edge main office merges innovation and excellence in our advanced laboratory. Situated in Al Wathba suburb, it manages all operations ranging from animal husbandry to venom production, quality control, warehousing, orders, and logistics. All facilities and practices comply with local and international safety and quality standards.



To be a global premier producer of high-quality venoms and purified toxins from snakes and scorpions.



To contribute towards enhancing a healthy global community.



  • Integrity: we exercise high ethical standards in all our approaches.


  • Respect: we value honesty, assiduousness and promote open communication.


  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: to be innovative and evolve in this changing world.


  • Ownership: we abide by all compliance guidelines, meet commitments, and deadlines.


  • Commitment: we are committed to serve with excellence.

Our Partnerships

Amsaal has a network of organizations and institutions which it works with and gains support. They range from various government departments to business entities and non-government organizations who share mutual interests and shared vision in advancing towards a safer and healthier humanity.


Our Team

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff are the backbone of our company and ensure smooth flow and production of quality products.


Owen Hao Paiva

Business Head

Ben Bande

Farm & Production Manager

Ebrahim Saeed Alkendi

Admin Coordinator & HR

Nasir Aftab Muhammed

Assistant Manager Quality Assurance

Lourens Petrus Holtzhausen

Supervisor-Snake Farm

Dr Manal Elfatih Siyam

Supervisor - Scorpion Farm